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    # RAY- 3846 Panel Mover w/ Extra Tall Uprights # 2007 - 111 Hand Truck Cover # 2304   3 lb. Fire Extinguisher
    # RAY- 3846 Panel Mover w/ Extra Tall Uprights# 2007 - 111 Hand Truck Cover# 2304 3 lb. Fire Extinguisher
    Our panel mover was originally designed for moving office partition panels, but by adding extra tall uprights, the uses become endless. Platform: Robotic welded 16 gauge tubular steel and steel plate. Overall dimensions: 27 1/2" x 38 1/2." Load...Hand Truck cover made of our high end pad. Comes in Blue/ Blue or Black and Gray. Fits standard Hand Trucks as shown. 47" L x 15" W.Use on Class B ( Liquids and gases ) and Class C fires ( energized electrical equipment). This Fire Control FC 10 unit comes with a pressure gauge that provides at a glance status.Comes with hanging bracket.




    # 3850 Raymond Panel Cart # WD - 3485 Chicago Style Dolly's Branding Dollies
    # 3850 Raymond Panel Cart# WD - 3485 Chicago Style Dolly'sBranding Dollies
    Designed principally for moving office partition panels, but flexible uses extend to moving banquet tables, roll goods, mattresses, bed frames, etc. Malleable casting and tubular steel platform. Three removable uprights; Overall dimensions 38"...

    Our Chicago Dolly's is 32" x 18" with 3.5" Non marking casters, made for durability and comes with a slip proof Rubber caps. Weight capacity is 900 lbs.

    We offer Branding on Dollies for your company name or logo, with a one time plate charge!




    CS - 43002  10' Horizontal E Track CS - 651601-01-01DFE -  Combo Strap CS - Strap Slot
    CS - 43002 10' Horizontal E TrackCS - 651601-01-01DFE - Combo StrapCS - Strap Slot
    E Track Horizontal 10' LengthThe TCB Combo Strap is two straps in one! 12' or 16' , 2 fixed e clip ends.Replacement Strap Slots for Piano Skid Boards. To use to apply straps too!


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    Melcher Lighter Duty Walk Ramps RE - Raymond Panel Cart # RB- 2310 Rubber Band Hanger
    Melcher Lighter Duty Walk RampsRE - Raymond Panel Cart# RB- 2310 Rubber Band Hanger
    The Melcher Fiberglass Walk Ramps range from 4' to 16' Length, Light Duty walk ramps can handle heavier loads with a lighter weight ramp. Surface makes for safer loading wet or dry.Make your office or move easier by renting the Raymond Panel Cart. Great for moving tables, mattresses, and bedframes. Has 3 removable upright bars. Overall size is 27 1/2" x 38 1/2".This Rubber Band Hanger comes with a E clip to insert to your E Track and has 3 5" H Steel Rods, to add more Bands. 17.5"L x 2" W x 5" H




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