Yeats Appliance Hand Trucks

At TCB we only offer quality built Appliance Hand trucks because we know they are dependable! The Yeats Frame is made of tough feather light aluminum alloy to cut the total weight you handle! These Appliance Hand trucks are popular in the moving, warehouse and the appliance industry. Quality Built in the USA for over 60 Years!
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# Y -5  Yeats Shorty # Y- 7 P  Yeats Appliance Hand Truck # Y-9  Double Ratchet Appliance Truck
# Y -5 Yeats Shorty# Y- 7 P Yeats Appliance Hand Truck# Y-9 Double Ratchet Appliance Truck
The YEATS 'Shorty' is made especially for handling TV sets, room air conditioners and similiar smaller appliance items. Extra handy for use with small trucks, pick-ups and SUV's. Has all the construction features of the standard YEATS model. Same...

Aluminum Appliance Truck with Plastic padding, 59" high, weight - 37.5lbs. Light weight makes it easy to handle refrigerators, washers, ranges, water heaters and TV sets on this standard size dolly.

This truck is 71" high, weighs 50 lbs and comes with two straps and ratchets, plus four wheels for rolling instead of 2 for lifting heavy loads.




# Y14P  Yeats Appliance Hand Truck # Y - 11  Dolly Strap ( web strap ) # Y - 33  Big Wheel Attachment
# Y14P Yeats Appliance Hand Truck# Y - 11 Dolly Strap ( web strap )# Y - 33 Big Wheel Attachment
Aluminum Hand Truck with Felt Enhanced, 59" high, weight - 40.5lbs Designed for appliances both short and tall, this two strap model holds any size appliance firmly against the frame. Featuring two ratchets and straps with four operating...Replacement Dolly Strap for the Yeats Appliance Hand Trucks.On-Off in 30 seconds! New light weight aluminum bracket with custom machined turn buckle for easy on and off. •Updates your present YEATS dollies. •Full 10" wheels on long wearing ball bearings •4.10/3.50-4 4 ply rated tires and tubes •Rolls heavy loads easily, smoothly




# Y - 44 Two Man Handle
# Y - 44 Two Man Handle
The new Yeats Two Man Handle Attachment provides multiple movers with excellent side by side lifting and maneuverability. Move heavy or bulky items on stairs and through doorways with ease. Cushioned brackets allow dolly to be laid horizontally without damaging floors!